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Adult Tennis

Our adult tennis goes from intense physical workout styles to instructional-based small groups and everything in-between. Clayview's goal is to actively engage each of our adult members with something on the court that they will enjoy.

We host TenCap, USTA, and World Team Tennis teams, as well as fun permanent court times with a group of similar-level players and friends. Whether you are looking to exercise, improve at tennis, or just have fun - we have the program for you!

Contact the front desk for available court times!


A fast-paced, 1-hour doubles strategy game with balls fed by the professionals so that you can focus on making balls and putting them away! Since serving isn't included with this game, it's a great way to give your shoulder a break while focusing on other aspects of your game.

Teams play to 41 points with a unique scoring system based on winning shots, overheads, volleys, bad misses, and even just getting into the net - but don't worry, the professionals take care of the scoring as well! Want to work on that doubles point-play? This is the drill for you!

4.0+ Drill and Play

This drill is designed for advanced athletes; it focuses on point production and tactics, with technique tips personalized to each player.

Different drills, games, and strategy-motivated point-play ensure even college players will receive a good workout and great instruction from our one-of-a-kind coaching staff.

Saturday Morning Workout

This 1 1/2 hour drill is a perfect mix of exercise and entertainment! Director of Tennis Doug Kaut's high-energy playlist provides the backdrop to a multitude of fast-paced drills mixed in with optional agility/cardio tailored to each participant's personal fitness level. This drill is centered on hitting a lot of tennis balls, non-stop motion, and having fun!

Permanent Court Time (PCT)

Members can schedule recurring court times for days where they would like to play with a specific group of players on a regular basis. Members request these court times for a number of weeks, and (based on availability) are guaranteed their day and time for the entire block of weeks.

Are you looking for a group with which you can start up a PCT? Contact Clayview at (816) 781-7939 to get started!

Private Lessons

For those looking for personalized training, our staff is experienced with providing one-on-one lessons - no matter what your skill level is. We offer private lessons for any age and are able to meet you where you are while helping you improve.

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