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Junior Tennis

Junior Tennis in Kansas City

Clayview's junior tennis programs supply the industry's highest quality facility and instructors in the area. Our 8 permanent indoor and 4 outdoor courts allow for year-round play and improvement for all levels of junior players. The energetic coaching staff looks forward to working each day to improve player performance while having fun and building a lifelong love for fitness and athleticism!

We provide a wide range of tennis programming for all ages.

For more information, contact the club at (816) 781-7939.

Junior Tennis Programs
Youth Tennis Programs

Clayview Academy

High school varsity players attend on Monday and Wednesday. High school JV, C-team, and middle school players attend on Tuesday and Thursday.

This program is designed for junior athletes who are focused on self-improvement. Academy athletes show a greater drive to improve at the local, high school, regional and national levels of competition.

Training sessions in these clinics include tactical, technical, mental, and physical exercises to help athletes improve every aspect of their game. Low player-per-court ratios accommodate level-based point-play training which is needed for students to achieve self-defined goals. Classes will be divided based on this level-based data and at the coaches' discretion.

Green Grinders

Ages 9-12

Concepts of offense/defense are introduced in singles and doubles. Ball control exercises that promote consistency, direction, depth, and spin will be stressed.

Entry into this program is strictly enforced by the coaching staff at Clayview; junior athletes under 11 years old are required to participate in SMASHERS events in order to advance to Clayview Academy.

Orange Crushers

Ages 7-11

This is the introductory level for junior athletes. By the end of this program, and before advancing to Green Grinders, athletes will play a full tennis match.

The game-based teaching and learning keeps students engaged while learning the fundamentals of tennis. Students will learn how to move effectively to ensure good position and balance for each shot.

Red Rovers

Ages 4-8

This is the introductory level for younger junior athletes. By the end of this program, students should be able to rally with another student.

This program highlights the first steps to mastering proper movement, hand/eye coordination, and hitting technique in order to send balls over the net and into the court. Advancement into Orange Crushers will be recommended at the discretion of the coaching staff.

Private Tennis Lessons

If you'd like to enroll your child in private lessons for more personalized development, Clayview is ready to help. Our instructors are talented and experienced tennis players who have worked with all levels and all ages. No matter what the goal is for your child - having fun, getting exercise, or improving at tennis - our Clayview tennis instructors will develop lessons that are perfect for them.

Contact the Clayview front desk at (816) 781-7939 to get started!

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