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Hot Yoga in Kansas City

Our Lee’s Summit East gym is proud to offer a new hot yoga studio to the Kansas City area, featuring a variety of daily classes that cater to all ability levels! From complete beginners to members who have been practicing yoga for years, Genesis Lee’s Summit is ready to work with anyone on improving their skills in our new heated workout classes.

Hot Studio Class Schedule

Our hot yoga classes are free with your membership and are offered multiple times throughout the week.

Class Schedule

Things to Know About Hot Yoga

Our certified yoga instructors are here to help! We want to make sure you are comfortable, no matter what skill level you are currently at. Below are some frequently asked questions about hot yoga. If you have more questions not listed here, feel free to reach out to us - we are happy to provide answers!

FAQ Sheet

What are the benefits of hot yoga?

There is a multitude of immediate and long-term health benefits to practicing in a hot studio!

Within your first heated exercise class, you’ll notice:

  • Increased flexibility
  • Increased ranges of motion
  • Ability to get deeper into postures quicker than in an unheated class

Over time, hot yoga may change your body, resulting in physical benefits such as:

  • The ability to tap into cardio heart ranges, improving heart health
  • Increased lung capacity
  • Improvement in circulation, leading to better skin and organ function
  • Potential increases in your body's ability to remove waste from the body via sweating
  • Increase in calorie burn from a heated class, aiding in overall weight loss goals

Can I take a hot yoga class if I've never taken a yoga class before?

Absolutely! We offer several different class types, from beginner hot yoga classes focused on stretching, to more fast-paced, intermediate-style classes that will provide a challenge.

I am new to hot yoga. How do I prepare for my first class?

Keep the following tips in mind when preparing for your hot yoga class – they can make or break your experience!

  • Pre- and post-hydrate, potentially something with electrolytes
  • Take in water throughout class – sipping cool to lukewarm water is best, as frigid water can cause an upset stomach
  • Eat a snack 2 hours before coming to class
  • Wear breathable clothing made of moisture-wicking materials – certain synthetics can trap body heat and cause overheating
  • Bring a towel to wipe away sweat that may cause slipping
  • Arrive 10-15 minutes early to allow your body and lungs to acclimate
  • Read the class descriptions and stay mindful of your current abilities
  • If you have health concerns (including but not limited to: heart conditions, lung conditions, or if you are pregnant), you may talk to your doctor before attending classes

What if I feel sick during hot yoga?

It is normal for participants to need several classes for their bodies to adapt to moving in a heated environment. Upset stomachs and lightheadedness are not uncommon reactions. If you experience these symptoms, you should take breaks and not try to push through.

Keep in mind that a seated posture is safer than a child’s pose because the heart stays higher than the hips.

Always remember to take breaks when needed – there is no pressure here! Move at a pace that feels right to you.

Hot Studio Class Descriptions

We offer six different hot studio classes at multiple time slots throughout the week. These classes are free with your membership. You can view the Lee's Summit hot studio class schedule here.

Radiant Restore/Deep Stretch

Level 1 (All Levels)
Heat Range:
Radiant Restore - 80-85
Deep Stretch - Unheated
A gentle, stress relief class designed for all levels and abilities. Offered in both heated and unheated formats.

Heated Basics

Level 2 (Beginner)
Heat Range: 85-90
A great class for those new to both yoga and heated classes.

Barre Yoga Fusion

Level 2 (Beginner)
Heat Range: 90-95
A balanced combo class to work and stretch your muscles.

Barre Burn

Level 3 (Intermediate)
Heat Range: 90-95
Our barre will create long, lean muscles in a low impact, but challenging format.

Fire Flow

Level 3 (Intermediate)
Heat Range: 92-97
This energizing power flow class will challenge and push your practice to new levels.

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