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CrossFit Programs


Our Corporate CrossFit program consists of privately reserved classes designed to help companies pursue a healthy, productive and energizing culture through fitness. At CrossFit Miramont, we realize the importance of employee health and know that it is directly related to fitness. Let us help your company out by making your employees more fit!

The more fit employees are, they will contribute more to their chosen professions; employees are more creative, productive, and engaged within their work environment. Our Corporate CrossFit program provides employees with expert coaching, and facilitates team work & camaraderie while forging a more healthy and tight-knit culture.

We can offer classes to meet any company's needs! Please contact Jorine Peterson for more information: jpeterson@genesishealthclubs.com



CrossFit is designed to be universally scalable for any age or fitness-level. The needs of Olympic athletes and our grandparents differ by degree, not kind. We introduced our CrossFit Master’s Program in 2014 with the intent of offering a weekly CrossFit class for anyone 50yrs or older. What a surprise we received within just a few short months, our Master’s Program quickly grew from 1-class per week to 4-classes per week. Since it’s inception, this class has been the most successful out of all of our CrossFit classes offered at CrossFit Miramont. Our Master’s athletes have proven that age is merely a number and consistently show up each class to tackle the same Workout of the Day (WOD) that our younger athletes complete!


We offer classes on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday from 8:00am-9:00am.  Come in and try one for free!


Testimonials from our Master’s athletes

"I can’t really express how much my month long visit to Miramont has effected me. I feel much better and missed the workouts so much that I found a gym here [Ohio] that seems to have goals similar to yours. To my own surprise I joined because I wanted to -not because of guilt. Friends are beginning to notice because of lost weight and greater mobility. I feel so much better and am off of most of my meds. This only happened because you- Jorine and Justin and Lisa-thought I could do it and kept encouraging me even though I doubted it. You may not realize it but you are changing lives. Thanks so much.

PS–this gym has a Paleo Challenge once a year -yeah!- I’m ALL about that!”

Kathy DeBord


"I am 56 years old, five feet two inches tall, and spent much of my life weighing over three hundred pounds. About ten years ago, I had gastric bypass surgery, but the thought of a group exercise class brought up only memories of judgement and frustration. It was impossible to believe I would attend one, much less enjoy it. The CrossFit Masters’ Class at Miramont helped push me to new levels of fitness—with no judgement and tons of support. It is also incredibly challenging, and makes me grateful every day I can participate to the max of my current abilities.

The CrossFit Masters’ Class at Miramont has changed my perception of what group exercise looks like. It looks like me."

Donna Cooner

Author of SKINNY



As a member of CrossFit Miramont, an added value of the unlimited monthly membership includes CrossFit Yoga.  As we are situated inside of a health club, we have the opportunity to take advantage of the yoga studio and equipment. The CrossFit Yoga programming supports our athletes with optimal physical competence in that it will challenge and strengthen flexibility, balance, and accuracy


CrossFit Yoga classes include a variety of movements, postures and breathing exercises and are taught by Coach Jenny (RYT 200 hour comprehensive Yoga Certification). The class structure is based upon breath awareness as it relates to CrossFit and high intensity training as well as recent WOD’s performed, muscle groups and joints utilized. CrossFit Yoga classes are held on Tuesdays and Thursdays at 7pm in Studio 2 (upstairs off of the running track).


For any further questions please contact Coach Jenny: jgibb@genesishealthclubs.com

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