Miramont North
1800 Heath Pkwy. Fort Collins CO 80524
Today's Hours: 7:00 am - 6:00 pm
Miramont North CrossFit
Miramont North CrossFit
Miramont North CrossFit
Miramont North CrossFit
Miramont North CrossFit
Miramont North CrossFit
Miramont North CrossFit

CrossFit Miramont at Genesis Miramont North

Receive expert coaching from some of the highest-rated coaches in the area who are here to help you push to be your best!

Our athletes believe we are the top choice for CrossFit in Fort Collins due to the many advantages and amenities we offer:

  • Olympic Lifting classes
  • 5:00 am class times
  • Open gym hours
  • High ceilings for rope climbs
  • Childcare
  • Towel service

Start now and Join the CrossFit Miramont Family! Before attending our regular classes, each new athlete must complete our CrossFit Miramont Foundations sessions scheduled based on your availability with a CrossFit coach or a test-out. 

CrossFit Schedule Click Here

Free Trial Class

Try a FREE trial class, fill out the form, and a CrossFit coach will schedule your first class with you to make sure it's appropriate based on your CrossFit-specific experience level.

CrossFit Programs

Our primary goals are #1 that you are safe and #2 that you have fun! We challenge our members daily in an appropriate manner with individualized, custom-tailored workouts within a group dynamic. What makes CrossFit different from our other excellent programs? During CrossFit, we sometimes, not always, practice more complex movements and exercises and will use higher loads. We find that pursuing activities like the clean and jerk, snatch, muscle-ups, and more, helps our members develop balance, agility, speed, coordination, and explosive power very quickly! Our goal is for members to live the highest quality of life possible. Each class is guided by a professional coach that will stop members if their form degrades. Our coaches are experts at correcting movement during exercise and help all members modify the daily workout in a way that is appropriate and fun for all members in class!

Barbell Club

At Barbell Club, we do everything from snatch, clean, and jerk to deadlift, bench, and squat! Whether you compete in barbell sports like powerlifting or Olympic-style weightlifting or want to be more explosive for your sports and hobbies, Barbell Club will help you.

Regardless of your current ability or age, Barbell Club is a fantastic way to increase your balance, speed, agility, coordination, and explosive power. It's not necessarily about lifting excessive weight (but we can help you with that if that's the goal). It's about learning to move more efficiently and effectively, maximizing our efforts in and outside the gym!

Corporate / Sports Teams / Team Building

Do you have a team, club, or sports organization that would benefit from training together?

We can create customized training plans for sports teams of all levels, helping players build better movement habits, keeping them safe during games, as well as help build chemistry and camaraderie.

Maybe you have a professional team that you lead or manage and are looking for a fun alternative team-building exercise? We can create a unique and fun event for your organization that will challenge everyone in a fun, non-intimidating way through training and group problem-solving.

We can create plans that work for your availability and budget. Reach out for more information!


CrossFit Miramont Athletes, please download the Beyond the Whiteboard app or go to to access the CrossFit Miramont WOD.

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