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Genesis personal training is able to give you amazing results because of the talent and dedication of our training staff – each with their own set of specialties and skills – who teach and motivate you to make the healthy choices that will have you looking and feeling your best.  We specialize in weight loss, corrective exercise, strength and conditioning, contest preparation, diet coaching and just everyday functional training. We have male and female trainers to match every personality.  

Our goal is for you to meet your goal!  We don’t let excuses get in the way of them either.  Your customized plan, based on your needs, will enable you to discover and attain your unique fitness goals and we will be there encouraging and helping you the entire time.  We not only help you lose weight, but also help you increase your daily energy and boost your overall balance, flexibility and speed with a fitness regimen specially designed for your needs.

We will push you through each road block and plateau you hit. Hard work, discipline, and commitment are the keys to being successful. If you give us those, we will give you the guidance to build a lifetime of healthy living.  At your Springfield Genesis clubs, you’re able to get more than just a great workout.  Focusing on your specific requirements and giving you the knowledge and insight to make healthy choices, we’ll help you implement your new healthy approach to life into your day-to-day and modify your unhealthy behaviors into healthful actions.

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Personal Testimonies

I served as an elementary principal in the Springfield School District for 21 years prior to my retirement in 2007 at the age of 50. When I transferred to Bowerman Elementary in 1995 I weighed 180 pounds.  As with many individuals in leadership and management positions, my life was consumed by work.  Long hours and a lot of stress were givens in my occupation.  “Too tired,” was an excuse not to exercise and I often dealt with stress by eating… and not always the most nutritious foods.  The weight gain didn’t happen overnight; it crept up a few pounds with each passing year.  When I reached 200 pounds I thought I really need to do something about this, but I wasn’t ready to make any lifestyle changes.  I watched my weight climb; 205, 210, 215… and I eventually topped out at 225 pounds.  Something had to give… and I preferred it not be my heart.  I thought about exercising, but I could not let go of the same old excuses; not enough time and too tired!  I did manage to shed a few pounds by cutting out soda, switching from sugar to Splenda and trying to be more conscious of what I was eating.  While this stopped my upward weight trend, it wasn’t enough to significantly reverse it.

In the spring of 2006, a local fitness center donated a three month family membership to Bowerman Elementary for an auction to raise money for the Parent Teacher Association (PTA).  I’m sure I didn’t understand what the certificate was for when I bid on it; I frequently raised bids on items that were being auctioned to increase our PTA’s profits.  Sometimes I got stuck with items I wasn’t interested in, but it was for a good cause.  Anyway, I was the high bidder on this item and the recipient of a three month membership to the fitness center.  

I decided to wait until school was out in June to redeem the certificate for one obvious reason – I had more time to commit.  I planned to retire at the end of the next school year and thought, “I’d really like to retire at the weight I was when I arrived at Bowerman in 1995; 180 pounds.”  I had my goal.  I started going to the fitness center 4-5 times a week doing the only thing I knew to do; cardio.  I generally tried to do my workout in the morning.  After spending approximately 45 minutes on a cardio machine I would go home whipped, as in the rest of the day! After several weeks, things were not much better and I decided this was going to be harder than I had thought!  I needed help.  

I signed up for a free session with a personal trainer to seek advice.  He explained the importance of resistance training to a weight loss program.  I knew absolutely nothing about resistance training; I had never lifted weights in my life.  I went home to research the Internet for more information.  Sure enough, the research was clear; I learned resistance training is not only an important component for weight loss programs, but for overall health and fitness in general.  I signed up for a personal trainer. I remember telling him, “I don’t know anything about lifting weights, I’m not out to prove anything and I don’t want to get hurt.”  When I told him I don’t know anything, I really meant “I don’t know anything!”  I had to learn the importance of warming up, the names of the exercises and how to do them, the names and functions of the equipment, the difference between sets and reps, why you rest between sets… and the list goes on.  I was self conscious, too.  For some exercises he had me do I thought, “You’ve got to be kidding, you want me to do this in front of all these people?”  Had anyone told me in the beginning I would be lifting free weights on my own, I would have said they were crazy, but working with a trainer gave me the confidence over time to do just that.  I trained one day a week and followed up with prescribed workouts 3-4 days on my own.  With the combination of resistance training and cardio, I began to see results.  I also became a full-fledged member of the fitness center.

When school started up again, I’ll admit it was tough.  Sometimes I would drag myself to the fitness center late in the evening after putting in 10-12 hours at school.  I remember pulling onto the parking lot on several occasions thinking, “I’m too tired to do this,” but after my workouts I always felt better.  I stuck with my personal commitment of getting in 4-5 workouts each week and reached my goal weight of 180 pounds on President’s Day (February, 2007); a few months before my retirement. 

Through the years I have worked with only two personal trainers and I learned so much from each of them.  At one point my wife asked me if I could workout on my own without a trainer.  The simple answer was yes, but my trainer is my motivator and I’m still learning with his help.  One of the hardest tasks for me was recording my daily workouts, but I finally got the hang of it.  I have a notebook (that is now several inches thick) of my workouts dating back to December 2007.  This is not only a valuable record of past exercises and workout routines; it is an accurate charting of the progress I’ve made through the years. The progress has been incredible and I give credit to my trainers for their help.      

I appreciate Genesis Health Clubs’ commitment to provide personal training opportunities for its members.  This is my seventh year to train with Drew Couch; he is my motivation!  I still keep the same schedule; train one day a week and follow-up 3-4 days on my own.  I’ll admit it is easier to maintain a workout schedule without a full-time job; but regardless, with Drew’s help I have successfully made a lifestyle change that has positively impacted my life.  I have learned so much that I can no longer say I know nothing about resistance training; however, there is always more to learn.  My basic goals are unchanged; I want to keep my weight around 180 pounds, I’m not out to prove anything and I still don’t want to get hurt.  My weight fluctuates a little around my goal weight, but I’m maintaining.  I am healthier and in the best physical condition of my adult life.  Who could have known a three month fitness center membership donated to Bowerman Elementary would be the catalyst for changing my life!      
Wes Zongker

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