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South Tulsa personal trainers are certified, experienced fitness experts (fitness rock stars, let's face it). They are all about helping their clients meet the fitness goals they have set for themselves. For us, it starts by empowering people to succeed with personal training programs customized for them. Whatever your goals may be, we'll fine-tune a particular fitness plan just for you. Let's go reach those goals!

Free Personal Training Session in Tulsa

Our personal training program helps you get pumped about looking and feeling your best. We'll design a plan based on your specific needs and support throughout your fitness journey.

It all starts with a series of personal training sessions from our tenacious team of trainers - each with different talents and personalities, so you have the best opportunity for results. At South Tulsa, you will get more than an excellent workout. We'll take a deep dive to improve everyday body factors like stress levels, endurance, and body composition.


Our trainers want to help you be in control of your health. We will always listen to your needs and struggles and motivate you to reach every fitness goal you have. Our certified, highly-trained staff help you live a lifestyle that will last forever. We're ready to team up with you and make it happen!


To uphold our mission and be with you every step, push, and jump along the way. Our Fitness Advisors at Genesis and Certified Personal Trainers work as a team to deliver you the best exercise experience in the Tulsa area. You are an essential piece to the puzzle and what makes our trainers enjoy coming to work each day! Our trainers end each training appointment by scheduling the next meeting, guiding you on your fitness program throughout your entire membership at Genesis Health Clubs.


To get you in the best shape of your life! Our members want results, and our staff is here to make them a reality! Genesis Health Clubs wants every member to succeed in their quest to reach personal fitness goals. No matter your fitness goals, we can design a safe, effective program that will fit into your busy schedule. Don't wait. Give us a call and help us feel and look your best.


Added resources TO help you with your fitness journey!


South Tulsa uses industry-leading technology to help find your capabilities and define your current abilities with Genesis InBody Fitness Assessment. Knowing where you are is key to getting where you want to be. The results from the InBody system create an empowering map without an intrusive process. We'll help you clarify the essential elements needed to ensure your fitness results become a reality. Inquire further with your favorite Genesis Trainer today!

Want to learn about the InBody system? Check it out here


Kinesics is a scientific method of evaluating muscular imbalances and postural misalignments. A Kinesics Range of Motion Evaluation is performed by a Genesis Private Trainer, who will use the data collected to develop a customized program to realign your body. Body alignment is essential to your fitness journey, as it will maximize performance, aid in injury prevention, and reduce pain. 

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