Camp Activities

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Summer Camp Activities

Children enrolled in Mighty Camp spend approximately three hours daily in sport-focused “Learn to Play Workshops.” The remainder of their time is spent engaged in other activities like STEAM, swimming, kids yoga, improv classes, character programming, and local field trips.


  • Daily open swim (lifeguards on duty)
  • Weekly special events
  • Campfire games and skits
  • Specialty themed activities
  • STEAM programming
  • Character & Life Skills programming
  • Improv classes
  • Fun with Food
  • Challenge! – community-focused programming
  • Kids Yoga
  • Kids Move
  • Create Your Fun (campers create their games)
  • Sports education activities: Basketball, Soccer, Softball, Floor Hockey, Volleyball, Flag Football, Ultimate Frisbee, Lacrosse, Tennis

Electives & Add-On Programming

Many of our camp locations offer electives, such as swimming classes and tennis lessons, in addition to our regular camp activities. See your individual location for available classes.

Learn to Play Sport Workshops
We leverage Learn to Play Sport Workshops as an opportunity to support youth in growing life skills. Rather than helping athletes take their skills to the next level, we are all about fueling each camper’s passion for playing the sport- for the fun of it! At camp, in our non-competitive environment, star athletes challenge themselves to use their advance skills to create opportunities and wins for the novice players; which builds their strategy, leadership, and empathy skills! Novice players gain confidence through courageously trying something new and a sense of belonging through being supported by a caring group of peers and counselors.

During Learn to Play Workshops campers choose the sport that most interests them and can often be found playing on mixed age teams where older campers take on the challenge and honor of helping younger campers feel successful through creative modified expectations and younger campers have the opportunity to learn and grow from observing older, more skilled youth at play.

Daily Swim
Splashing in the pool is a big part of our camp experience! Daily campers participate in open swim, an unstructured part of the camp day. During open swim, certified Lifeguards are on duty and our camp counselors join campers in the pool to further ensure safe, EPIC fun!
Fun with Food

Designed to teach children about healthy food choices! During Fun with Food, campers participate in hands on cooking experiences that teach basic cooking skills, connect youth to the food they eat, and inspire conscious eating habits.

STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Math)
During STEAM programming, campers are presented with specific projects/ problems/ or challenges to work through in small teams. Campers can be seen working together to build catapults, bridges, and structures. They can also be seen engaged in science experiments or using open ended supplies to create their own art.
Character First/ Life Skills
Coaching, celebrating, and reinforcing character-based decision-making is at the core of the Mighty Camp experience. Each week we have a new life skill and character trait we are focused on sharing with our campers. Campers move through intentionally crafted lesson plans that unpack what it looks like and sounds like to be courageous, responsible, honest, patient, attentive, generous, compassionate, creative, and determined. In addition to dedicating time to learning about character we spend time celebrating our campers for choosing to make decisions rooted in character. Each week, during our campfire activity, campers are recognized for the positive impact their presence makes as they choose to make character driven choices in camp!
Improv Classes

A fun, dynamic piece of the camp experience. Campers can be silly while learning the important skill of thinking on their feet, relishing the spotlight, and most importantly having the humility to laugh at oneself!

Kids Move
This program is focused on getting campers moving and playing to music. Campers are introduced to different music and movement-based games including parachute games! During Kids Move, campers are also introduced to formal dance choreography and work together to create a routine to perform at the end of each camp season.
Kids Fit
This program is designed to inspire youth to live an active lifestyle. Through obstacle courses, games and camper set challenges, youth gain real-time experience being active and exercising in a way that mirrors play!