Camp at Goddard Sports Complex

Mighty Camp is a ridiculously fun Wichita summer camp experience that keeps kids active and moving all summer long! Mighty Camp is designed for children who are currently enrolled in kindergarten through age 12.

Location: Genesis 435 Crowne Drive Goddard KS 67052




Summer Enrollment opens January 8th

Come enjoy a premiere summer camp experience – complete with splashtastic fun at Blast off Bay!

Genesis Goddard hosts the largest indoor waterpark within minutes of Wichita! This sci-fi themed park has huge slides, a surf machine, kids’ area, and is great for the whole family!

Mighty Camp starts in...








2024 Registration Opens:

Full Week: January 8

MWF & T/TH: February 5

Customized: March 4

$50 Family non-refundable registration fee due at the time of enrollment to reserve your spot. Please review updated 2024 Cancelation Policies. 

2024 Pricing:


Full Week: $185/210

MWF: $130/147

T/TH: $92/104

Customized: $46/52

Price Bracket is determined by the membership status of the child at time of enrollment.

Click the boxes below to see our 2024 weekly theme and rotating programming.
Week 1 (May 28th-31st): Wild Wild West

Join us for our 2024 Summer Kickoff! We’re riding toward the high-energy start of summer with all things western! Get your boots, your hat, because we’re lassoing in some fun memories!


Rotating Programming: Mindfulness, Create Your Fun, Improv

Week 2 (June 3rd-7th): Studio Stars

Make way radio, it’s studio stars time! Movies, television shows, cartoons, shorts – Disney, Nickelodeon, Marvel… from the big screen to the small, we’re celebrating cinema all week long!


Rotating Programming: Fun with Food, Kids Move, Challenge

Week 3 (June 10th-14th): Around the World in 5 Days

Grab your passport, campers! We’re packing our bags and going on a cultural tour-de-force to exotic locales, historical sites, and remote locations!

Rotating Programming: Mindfulness, Create Your Fun, Improv

Week 4 (June 17th-21st): Camp Olympic Trials

Take a deep breath. Lace those sneakers. Focus on your skill. We’re attempting our own camp olympic trials this summer – let’s see if you have what it takes to qualify with the greats!

Rotating Programming: Fun with Food, Kids Move, Challenge

Week 5 (June 24th-28th): Who-Dunnit, Mighty Mystery Week

Get out your magnifying glasses and notebooks, detectives. A dangerously fun mystery is unfolding at Mighty Camp this summer and we’ll need your help to solve it!

Rotating Programming: Mindfulness, Create Your Fun, Improv

Week 6 (July 1st-5th): Party in the USA

We’re breaking out our red white and blue in celebration of 4th of July, the quintessential summer american holiday! Crafts, games, and our camp memories will shine alongside our fireworks and explosive creativity! (No Camp July 4th)


Rotating Programming: Mindfulness, Create Your Fun, Improv

Week 7 (July 8th-12th): Contraptions in Action

If you’re constantly building robots, tools, or otherwise thinking of creative solutions to some unique problems – contraptions in action week yours to enjoy!

Rotating Programming: Fun with Food, Kids Move, Challenge!

Week 8 (July 15th-19th): Decade Days

Camp is going to be like, totally rad, dude! Decade Days tees up some of our favorite trends, activities, and sport scenes of the last 100 years! 


Rotating Programming: Fun with Food, Kids Move, Challenge!

Week 9 (July 22nd-26th): Survivor Week

Can you Outwit, Outplay, and Outlast this summer at Mighty Camps? This survivor themed week will be complete with mystery challenges, immunity idols, and the chance to be named the next Mighty Camp Survivor!


Rotating Programming: Mindfulness, Create Your Fun, Improv

Week 10 (July 29th-August 2nd): Color Wars: Camp Edition

Every summer, campers come from across the city. They forge bonds in the heat of battle (sports) and swap strategies across tables of lore (activities)… this summer they’ll have the chance to test their team strengths in an all out Color War!

Rotating Programming: Fun with Food, Kids Move, Challenge

Week 11 (August 5th-9th): Mighty Camp Spirit Week

Good things must come to and end, and at camp, we’re ending in style! Join us for our final days where we’ll celebrate campers, counselors, and camp shenanigans alike!

Rotating Programming: Mindfulness, Create Your Fun, Improv

Summer Camp

Our family LOVED camp! It was such a great experience. I’ve talked to so many friends about it and told them they have to come in future summers.
Parent Testimonial

BEST summer camp around!! The staff is awesome, the kids are moving all day, and learning so much. My daughter literally talks about camp all year long and can’t wait for the next summer to start. Highly recommended!!
Parent Testimonial