Camp Philosophy

We are a passionate team of youth development professionals who are honored to serve youth during out of school time. We are committed to leveraging our intentional camp setting to create an environment where children are free from evaluation and given robust opportunities to courageously try something new, grow and feel deeply valued and connected to a community who celebrates them for who they are. We take our opportunity to serve seriously and choose to create change through ridiculously fun camp experiences!

We believe children do well if they can, meaning children will meet every expectation set for them if they have the skills do so. In camp, when a child experiences a new challenge or struggles to meet an expectation, we recognize these moments as opportunities to serve youth in cultivating new skills. We firmly believe that children learn best through play and strive to keep camp a playful, zany, environment where kids can let go of the need to achieve and grow problem solving skills through EPIC fun!

At Mighty Camp, we measure our success by the connections made- the laughter, high fives and hugs we witness throughout each camp day. We know we’ve succeeded when each child in our care increases their ability to build and maintain peer relationships, passionately plays within the camp day, and feels a sense of belonging within our Mighty Camp family!