Children enrolled in Mighty Camp spend approximately three hours daily in sport-focused “Learn to Play Workshops.” The remainder of their time is spent engaged in other activities like STEAM, swimming, yoga, improv classes, character and life skills programming, and local field trips. See the Activities page for more.
How old does my child have to be to attend camp?

Our camps are designed and licensed for children between the ages of 5–12 years. Mighty Outdoor Adventure Camp at the Miramont North location is for ages 5–14.

Our weekly summer schedule doesn’t fit M-F, M/W/F or T/Th. Do you have other registration options?
Yes! We offer customized schedules. Registration for custom plans is available two months after the start of enrollment. This gives us a better idea of days we have left available. See your camp location page for dates and pricing.
How much does camp cost?
This depends on the registration option you choose (number of days per week), your location, number of siblings enrolled, and any add-on programs you select. See your camp location page for pricing.
Are meals and snacks provided at camp?
Your family registration fee includes two snacks per day at camp. Some locations offer an optional add-on lunch program. If your location doesn’t offer lunch, or if you prefer not to opt-in to the lunch program, you can send a nut-free lunch to camp with your child.
Our summer plans may change. Do you offer refunds?

We offer full refunds for schedule changes communicated at least two weeks prior to the start of the cancelled camp week.

Do you have day camp available during the school year?
Many of our locations do. Our day camp schedule corresponds with “days off” on the local school district calendar. Check the individual camp location pages in your area.
My child can be nervous about trying new activities, especially sports. How do you address that?
We create an experience where kids are free from evaluation but are given robust opportunities to try something new in a supportive and encouraging environment. We teach that not everyone will be good at everything, and that’s ok! The important thing is to courageously try something new, and if you fail (and we all will!) to get back up again. We celebrate kids for who they are.
I’m interested in enrolling my child but I’d like to tour the location and/or ask questions first. Can I do that?
Absolutely! Shoot us a message on the Request Information page, or feel free to call the Camp Director at your individual location. Contact information is provided on each location page.
Camp Villages- Sports Camp
At Mighty Camp we are intentional about maximizing opportunities for self-directed mixed age group play. We understand that mixed age groups create the ultimate learning opportunity for all youth. In mixed age groups younger campers get to learn from observing older more skilled youth in action and older youth have an opportunity to grow their empathy, compassion, leadership, patience and self-control. We love witnessing the tremendous growth that comes when youth of different ages and skills work together!

To support with providing ample opportunity for mixed age engagement, campers are assigned to a Camp Village at the time of enrollment. In our larger camp locations, within each Village, campers are assigned to a small camp team of 10-12 campers. Teams are made up of campers close in age range. Villages are made of 2-3 camp teams. Each day, during Learn to Play Sport Workshops and other designated activities, villages come together to play!

Drop-Off and Pick-Up
Drop-Off and Pick-Up times are unstructured play opportunities for campers. Board games, books, art supplies, and building materials will be available for campers to self-select their desired form of play. During Drop-Off and Pick-Up campers are mixed between Villages and Camp Teams, creating an opportunity for campers to connect with new/ different camp mates.

At Drop-Off, counselors will connect with parents to capture any pertinent information needed for their child’s camp day. Counselors will also check-in with the camper, before accepting them into camp, to make sure they have all necessary belongings with them: water bottle, nut free lunch, sunscreen, swimsuit, towel, backpack.

During Pick-Up, counselors will connect with parents to share about their child’s day in camp. Our Team loves taking a moment to celebrate each camper, by sharing with their parent, the tremendous growth we witness during a given camp day. At the time of Pick-Up, counselors will also ask to see each parents photo I.D. to verify authorization of release and check-in with each camper to ensure all items brought to camp are returning home.

Add-Ons are opportunities for campers to receive specific instruction, by certified professionals. These classes/ programs are in addition to the camp schedule. Meaning, campers participating in Add-ons do so during the camp experience, which in some cases means missing out on camp specific programing scheduled at the same time.

The intention with Add-Ons is to provide additional opportunities for more formalized instruction for the campers who wants more. Depending on the location, Add-Ons include Swim Lessons and Tennis Lessons.