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32nd Anniversary | 32 Cents to Join!

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Boot Camp

 The Boot Camp Program at Genesis CrossFit will make you sweat. This is a class for all levels, and it will make you work hard! It will bring you results. We know because we track your progress through a Certified Military Test.

“I came looking for a good fitness routine and wound up getting a crushing shot of Boot Camp adrenaline! This ROCKS! HOOAH!” - CrossFit Participant 

Military Training

We utilize highly effective physical training techniques practiced by professional athletes and the military. Complete with body resistance and aerobic conditioning drills uniquely arranged to amplify strength and stamina through progression and variety. We use military drills, indoor and outdoor workouts, strength training, group runs, partner drills, obstacle course work, tube work and so much more.

Certified Instructors

Our instructors are Certified through Operation Fit to Fight military instructor training course by Army National Guard Master Fitness Trainer, Staff Sergeant Ken Weichert and are CrossFit Level 1 coaches

Sometimes you need that extra push to finish one or more push-ups or sprint. In this Bootcamp program, we push the civilian to the next level of training. You can expect running, circuit training, classic calisthenics, aerobic workouts, partner drills with, oh yes... military style "Shout Backs" and cadence calls. 

Boot Camp Class Times

Monday, Wednesday, Friday: 6 a.m.

CrossFit Boot Camp

A little encouragement goes a long way. Get yours now. ENLIST TODAY! Ask us about a FREE TRIAL!

For more information contact Paul Sharbaugh at psharbaugh@genesishealthclubs.com.

Recruits are tested every quarter to track progress.

There are four different testing levels — Basic, Intermediate, Advanced and Extreme.

  1. Basic Test — 2 minutes push-ups, 2 minutes crunches and a 1-mile run. A score of 270 in a six-month time frame with at least a 60 in each event is required to advance to the intermediate Test.Click here for Basic Test Standard.
  2. Intermediate Test — 2 minutes push-ups, 2 minutes crunches, 2 minutes pull-ups/high hang and 3-mile run. A score of 320 in a six month time frame (with no score less than 60) is required to earn your green shirt and advance to the Advanced Test. Click here for Intermediate Test Standard.
  3. Advanced Test — 3 minutes push-ups, 3 minutes crunches, 2 minutes pull-ups/high hang, 2 minutes dips and a 5-mile run. A score of 400 in a six month time frame (with no score less than 60) is required to advance to the Extreme Test and earn your black shirt. Click here for Advanced Test Standard.
  4. Extreme Test — The Extreme Fitness Test consists of a 2 minute pull up test, 2-minute dip test, 3-minute push-up test, 3-minute crunch test,1-minute jump squat test, 1-minute squat thrust test, 10-mile ruck walk with 50 pounds, 5-mile run and a mystery event. A passing score is 600 points with no event less than 60 points. One pass will earn you a red shirt and the opportunity to take the Ultimate Test. Click here for Extreme Test Standard.

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Boot Camp Success Stories

“Boot Camp at Genesis CrossFit served as the primer for my physical transformation. When I began, I lost 30 pounds in a 6 month period, and gained physical strength, speed and endurance. I walk now as a more confident individual, unafraid of any physical task or challenge.” - Matt

“This is one intense workout designed to challenge you on both a physical and mental level. Paul does an awesome job of getting you pumped up and ready to get into shape! HOOAH!!!!” - SSG Jackson RRNCO KSARNG

“In three months of boot camp, not only have I lost weight and inches, my knees and wrists are not creaky and sore anymore. I also went from running my worst 5k ever six months ago, before boot camp, to running my fastest half-marathon in seven years. Show up, do the work, and boot camp will get you into the best shape you’ve ever been in.” - Alison

Workout Of The Day

Tuesday 10.24.17

Tuesday, October 24 2017 2:37 PM

OTM 10
5 Strict Press

5 Rounds 
3 Chin Ups
6 Burpees
9 Front Squats

5 x 200 Sprints with 30 Sec Rest

3 Rounds
3 Chin Ups
6 Burpees
9 Front Squats

3 x 200 Sprint with 30 Sec Rest

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