Parent Testimonials

“10/10 recommend – AMAZING experiences. [My Camper] grew so much this summer and gained a ton of confidence. She tried new things, met new people, and the counselors are fantastic- I feel like staff really got to know her.”

2023 Parent

“You really push the boundaries for my kiddo; he gets to do things I’m just not skilled enough to teach him. And, he makes friends, and is empowered. He loves it.”

2023 Parent

“Thank you for filling a gap that I cannot fill as a full-time working mom, who isn’t super outdoorsy. I want my son to grow up loving Colorado and enjoying it here, and I’m really grateful he is learning to love and respect nature at your camp”

2022 Parent

“Thank you so much for keeping my son safe this summer. It’s not easy for parents to trust others with their kids, but you’ve earned my trust.”

2021 Parent

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