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Don't miss a workout just because you're stuck at home. Earn G-Perks points right from your living room! Check out the online workouts we've put together for you below and earn points in the process! Each time you complete a Genesis Go Home Workout, we'll give you 5 points! 




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Our Group Fitness Instructors have gotten together and created workout videos for you to do at home. These videos will range from Yoga, Cardio, Weightlifting, and more! Check-in every day to see a new video uploaded. Even better, subscribe for notifications each time a new video is uploaded!


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We are launching our GenesisGo Online Personal Training platform! This program comes with a customized fitness plan designed to meet your individual needs. Whether you have physical limitations, little or no exercise equipment, scheduling restrictions, or need help with what exercise and nutrition prescriptions are right for you, we are here to help. 



Our Personal Trainers have put together Exercise of the Day videos to walk you through the proper ways to perform a move. 


Ben Heithoff and Andy Held are here to show you how to properly and effectively squat without the risk of injury and to get the max out of your squats in your daily exercises. 



Ben Heithoff and Andy Held are here to show you how to plank correctly by showing you the dos and don'ts of positioning your body for a plank to really feel the burn in your core!  


Hip Thrust

Bri Nelson & Ben Heithoff are here to show you how to do a proper hip thrust, staying aligned, and engaging your glute muscles! 


Dumbbell Rows

Ben Heithoff and Andy Held are here to show you how to do dumbbell rows with correct posture and the dos and don'ts of doing so for your best back workout.



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As a Silver Sneakers Member, you have exclusive access to Silver Sneakers On-Demand. Log in with your Silver Sneakers account view classes, health tips, and workout videos. Included at no cost for eligible members.




Our Genesis Team Members created a variety of At-Home Workouts in our blog section. We've got the perfect workout for you! 


Get a great upper body workout with this us today! Light and Medium weights are needed. Towel and water recommended.

Lower Body 1 - Bodyweight Workout

Ready to feel the burn in those glutes and legs? Check out this three-part no weights needed workout.

HIIT Workout with Variations – Beginner, Intermediate, and Advanced

Depending on your workout experience level – beginner, intermediate, advanced – perform the workout that best suits your skills and ability. 


Moves interpreted by one of our own team member's 4-year-old daughter! We'd love to see your child's interpretations of these moves in the comments! Get your kids moving!


You are sure to get a core and booty burn with this workout!


Ready to break a sweat? Here's a full-body workout using only body weight!


Complete two times for time! This HITT workout will get your blood pumping and your heart racing!



It's important to stay healthy during this time. Check in daily for the latest health and wellness blogs posted. Our commitment to you is to you help you stay on your fitness journey.



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