Rock Road Adult Tennis Programs

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Free Tessis Lesson

USA Tennis 123

USA Tennis is a beginner program to jump-start non-playing tennis players & beginners to the game. It is a six-week program billed in three installments. The rate is discounted to attract new players.

Men's / Women's Leagues

Leagues are groups organized by the Pros that run concurrently with Contract Time. Leagues are numerous and are varied in content. Leagues are divided into the following two time periods: Fall Leagues (Sept. - Dec.) & Winter/Spring Leagues (Jan. - May). Players are committed for the 16-18 week period. Leagues are billed at the end of the month by the League Coordinator for those that have Genesis charge accts. Players without charge accts MUST pay for their leagues upfront at the beginning of the session. 
Stroke Clinics

Stroke Clinics are weekly sign-ups coordinated by the tennis pros that run concurrently with Contract Time & Leagues. Stroke Clinics are posted weekly at the Clinic board. There must be 4-5 players to hold the clinic.

USTA Team Drills

USTA Drills are team lessons with the team's coach/pro. The lessons are usually billed at the end of the month by the team coach. Some team drills are attendance based and some are divided evenly. It depends on what the team has decided.  

Rock Road & West Central Private Lesson Costs
Level I Skilled Pros
Time    1 person        Group of 2      Group of 3      Group of 4      Group of 5  
1/2 Hour $32 $35 $44 $59 NA
1 Hour $55 $66 $84 $92 $125
1 1/2 Hour $82 $100 $108 $130 $150
Level 2 Skilled Pros
1/2 Hour $25 $30 $38 $50 NA   
1 Hour $43 $52 $65 $86 $108
 1 1/2 Hour $65 $78 $93 $112 $130
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