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5 Simple Post-Workout Snacks | Refuel After Workouts!
Tuesday, May 31 2022 2:35 PM
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You might think that reaching for a snack after a workout is counter-productive, but you actually want to feed your body some calories to help replace the energy stored in your muscles. A protein snack also helps build and repair affected muscles by pushing them during your workout. Here are five great snacks to refuel your body. Easy Post-Workout Snacks | 5 Healthy After-Workout Ideas 1. Peanut Butter & B… Read Article
Tennis For the Health of It!
Sunday, May 1 2022 1:39 PM
Categorized In Tennis
May is Genesis Tennis Month! If you’ve been searching for an exercise that works out your entire body, look no further than a game of tennis. Playing tennis improves your core, arms, legs, and back as well as sharpens your agility, quickness, and stamina. It’s also a great way to work off stress and improve mental focus. Tennis is a sport kids can learn early in life. What parent wouldn’t want th… Read Article
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