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Saturday, October 5 2019 3:32 PM
By Genesis Genesis

Downward Dog | Upward Dog |Tadasana | Warrior I

Tying yourself in knots may be the solution to what ails you. Researchers around the world have been exploring the lasting effects of regular yoga practice on health and have discovered that yoga may provide assistance in the treatment of high cholesterol, insomnia, menopause, anxiety, depression and high blood pressure.

Breathing techniques (Pranayama) taught through yoga practice will lower your respiratory rate by encouraging your lung to work more efficiently and perform better under stress.

Safely stretching muscles through yoga postures (asanas) releases lactic acid and increases range or motion through joint lubrication, postures also stretches all of the soft tissues (ligaments and tendons). As you move through each pose, each position provides an internal massage, helping prevent disease and illness.

Ashtanga and Power Yoga classes, while more vigorous than yoga done for relaxation, improve muscle tone and build upper body strength through poses like plank and upward facing dog. Over time, poses will improve core strength and provide increased body awareness, assisting with posture and helping students recognize slouching.

Physiologically, yoga has been seen to reduce the stress induced hormones and lower dopamine and epinephrine while also boosting the release of oxytocin (trust hormone) to create an overall sense of calm and relaxation following practice.

Low impact, yoga can make a difference in your life, no matter what level of physical fitness you start at. Prescribe a healthy new year and check out our class schedule to attend a class today!


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