Reasons to Spin

Monday, July 6 2020 1:46 PM
By Ellen Healy

It may come as no surprise that there is a mountain of benefits when it comes to spinning. Great for weight loss, your heart health, your mental health, your legs, butt, and core… If you haven't tried this incredible way to work both your mind and body, we highly recommend that you join a spin class at Genesis Health Clubs and see what all the fuss is about.

The Benefits of Spinning

Improved Heart Health

While you spin, you challenge and strengthen your vascular system, your heart, and your lungs. This intense workout will get the blood pumping. Literally. As you spin, your blood is processed and pumped by your body more efficiently, resulting in improved endurance and overall heart and body health.

Sense of Community and Support

Ever need some serious motivation? Try out a spin class with upbeat music and a room full of people ready to sweat with you and cheer you on as you cross the “finish line.” When you step into a spin class, you’ll be greeted with genuine excitement, inspiring and motivating peers, and an instructor ready and dedicated to help you feel the burn. There’s a sense of community in spin classes, one that makes you feel like you belong.

Strengthen the Whole Body - Not Just Your Legs!

Before too long, you’ll see the physical benefits of cycling. A lot of people think that spin only strengthens your legs, but that’s just dead wrong. When you cycle, not only do you work your thighs and calves, but you also engage your butt and core! After a spin class, trust us, you’ll feel sore the next day.

Burn Hundreds of Calories

When you cycle at a moderate pace you can burn up to anywhere from 450-750 calories per hour! Adopting this healthy habit and newfound workout obsession will help raise your metabolism and help you lose weight. Much like jogging or running, cycling is a cardiovascular workout that helps you lose fat. But unlike jogging and running, you’ll save yourself from knee pains and other potential injuries that come along with hitting pavement, day in and day out.  

Major Stress Relief and Mental Strength

Spinning helps improve brain function and relieve stress. In class, the warmup and cool down or the before and after help you relax and recharge. During the workout, you will improve your focus and develop an “I can do it” kind of attitude. While on the bike, you not only challenge your body but also your mind by pushing past difficult moments, creating a sense of resiliency.


Energy Boost

Getting a move on, feeling the music, encouraging yourself, and the spinners around you to push just a little bit further creates and restores your energy. With more energy, you’ll find that you stay fresh and feel more present throughout the day.

Come cycle with us!

While we could spend hours telling you all the reasons why spinning is good for you – mind, body, and spirit – why not come to Genesis Health Clubs and see for yourself! Find more details on popular classes, such as Group Ride or G-Cycle.

Genesis members get unlimited classes led by our highly-trained instructors, who will push you to the max without you even knowing it. Race you there!




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