How to Use Yoga & Pilates in Personal Training

Thursday, March 12 2015 9:54 AM

Yoga was my nemesis. It’s now my friend.

In 2004, I opened up my first yoga and Pilates studio. After opening, my partner who was handling the yoga side of the business bailed on me and left me to handle everything myself. Although I had never take the time to become yoga certified, I jumped in and began teaching. I’ve studied and practice almost every yoga modality you can think of. I’ve been teaching various yoga modalities since then—including Yin, Power Yoga, Ashtanga, and hot yoga. I’ve studied various yoga modalities including Iygengar, Anusara and yoga therapeutics.

I’ve learned and applied a deeper understanding from great teachers such as Sarah Joy Marsh and Sienna Sherman and other conscious-living teachers such as Manju Jois. My newfound yoga interest is the no fuss, no nonsense style of Strala Yoga which is fun, music driven expression of freedom. Although I no longer teach, yoga is a daily part of my life, and you’ll find me practicing and embracing all styles of yoga.

Where should I get my yoga certification?

I get asked often what my recommendations are for finding the right yoga certification. This depends on the type of person you are, your strengths, and how you want to do business. Do you want to change the world? Change yourself first. Don’t be the yoga instructor who encourages others to follow any guru; this is a great way to dis-empower a person. When you can teach someone to play their own game, practice their own practice, you teach them about self-empowerment. This is the greatest gift! Look for my teacher recommendations or email me at for more info. I’ve trained with various teachers and experienced with various modalities. I can help you to find the right fit for you!

Pilates changed how I trained my personal training clients.

In 2003, I became Pilates-certified and it transformed my teaching approach; I learned a new way to look body mechanics an alignment through a better understanding of how to apply the neutral spine to training clients. This understanding catapulted me to a greater level of understanding the human body. Pilates works if you understand that certain movements are not for every ‘body’. Becoming certified to teach Pilates transformed how I taught during group class settings and in one-on-one sessions.

I’ve trained my eyes to watch for imbalances and dysfunctional movement patterns. Nowadays, I can spot kinetic imbalances from far away—by watching how a person walks, moves, plays. Anyone can develop possessing the eyes of an eagle if you so choose. This just takes practice, lots of hands-on experience, and a mastery of attention to detail.

Getting deeper!

For example, after my yoga and Pilates trainings, I started to look at bones more. It’s fascinating how the muscles and the bones work together to produce strength, stability and power. After a motorcycle accident, my personal yoga and Pilates practices had to be slowed down. It was then that I become a student of Yin Yoga. I highly recommend to everyone, to check out Paul Grilleys Yin Yoga teachings.

I have a wide working range of Pilates experience. I’ve co-written Pilates training manuals for fit pros as well as participated in educational videos with Pilates personalities such as Cassey Ho and Leslee Bender. Currently, I’m in contact with former president of the PMA, Kevin Bowen. Be sure to look for articles and informational pieces on a variety of Pilates training perspectives. I want to help you to help you to choose the method that’s best for you and your client!


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