Common Mistakes We Make While Working Out | Part 1

Wednesday, April 29 2020 12:05 PM
By Ellen Healy

Let’s face it: We all talk big when it comes to working out. A lot of us assume that we know our stuff or claim to be experts when it comes to proper form. But are we?


Unless you were born all-knowing and almighty, unless you’ve studied, thoroughly researched, and/or work or have worked in the fitness industry, you might be making some mistakes. Mistakes that could lead to a major blow to the ego, or more seriously, a loss in gains or a possible physical injury.

Knowledge is Power

Whether you think you know it all or you’ve been waiting for some more info on this matter, here are some workouts and their common mistakes for everyone to (re)familiarize themselves with. After all, knowledge is power. Being aware keeps you safe and ultimately helps you reach your fitness goals.



Workout Mistakes You May be Making – Part 1


Kettlebell Swings

The kettlebell, in general, can give you a great full-body workout. The ball shape and handle allows= for a wide range of movement-based strength-training exercises. Maintaining proper form with a kettlebell is crucial to avoid getting hurt.

Use the Correct Muscle Group and Keep it Engaged

Remember to always push your hips back and thrust them forward to move the wight during a kettlebell swing. You want to power through your glutes! A lot of us try to use our upper body to swing the weight, but this can lead to lower back and shoulder pain. You should also protect your body by keeping your shoulders back. It’s common to want to hunch forward when you carry anything heavy. Fight the urge and thank your well-maintained form later.

Grip: Not too loose, not too tight!

Find what works for you, but the best rule of thumb? Have your grip loose enough so that the natural weight flows in every move, but firm enough around the handle so that you don’t let go. You protect your wrists by having a good grip - not too loose, not too tight. This grip will also allow you to perform the move correctly, leading to better gains.


Deadlifts are highly recommended and can lead to awesome gains and results, but only when performed correctly. A lot of people round their backs which puts a lot of unwanted and scary pressure on your spine.

When performing a deadlift, stand with you mid-foot under the barbell. Bend over and be sure to not arch or round your back. Keep your spine protected as you grab the bar at shoulder-width. Bend down with your knees and hips and push your hips forward. Lift your chest, straighten your back, and engage your core while you drive your hips forward to stand.

Tricep Dips

Ever feel some major pain in your shoulders after doing tricep dips? You might be doing them wrong! If you are tight and have some muscle imbalances in your shoulders and back, you could injure yourself by putting unnecessary strain on your shoulder joints. To protect yourself, ease into tricep dips. Start with a bench so that your legs can help you support your weight. Once you graduate to regular dips, just be sure to remain strong and confident, so that you don’t lower all your bodyweight all at once, hurting your shoulders.


This is a common exercise that people commonly do wrong all the time. Lots of people end up using and pulling with their back muscles, skipping their abs altogether. According to Dr. Julie Barneett, an assistant professor of Physical Therapy at The University of Texas at San Antonio, full sit-ups compress your spine too much. She suggests people do partial sit-ups instead, where you “lift yourself up but just until your shoulder blades come off the floor.”



These were just a few of the many common workout mistakes a lot of us make all the time. Want to stay safe and make massive gains while you workout? Be sure to check out tomorrow’s blog as we bring you more.



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