Exercises to Tone Up Your Booty

Thursday, July 23 2020 12:30 PM
By Genesis Genesis


booty exercise4 Exercises to Tone Up Your Booty

We all long for a pencil skirt-worthy figure that shows off two shapely buns of steel. No need to starve yourself with a crazy diet or dive into an extreme workout regimen. These simple but powerful exercises will tone up your booty in no time.




1. Squats with a Kick

This exercise is like a regular squat but includes an extra element to really stretch those glutes.

  • Sit into a regular squat position
  • As you’re returning to a standing position, extend your right leg behind you and stretch your arms straight forward
  • Return to the squat position and repeat motion but with other leg
  • Continue this exercise, alternating between both legs, for 60 seconds
  • Remember to keep your hips square while extending legs back – don’t twist them


2. Bridge Up and Down

Similar to the gymnastics bridge you did when you were a kid, this exercise works not only the booty but is great for the abs and legs as well.

  • Lay on your back and bend your knees while keeping both feet flat on the floor
  • Squeeze glutes and press hips up so the ab to thigh region is in a straight line
  • Slowly lower your hips back to the ground
  • Repeat for 60 seconds

3. Toe Touches

It seems simple, but the lower booty gets a great workout from this exercise.

  • Lie on your back on the floor
  • Lift feet from the ground and bend knees so that your thighs form a right angle with your back
  • While keeping knees together, slowly touch both toes to the ground.
  • To really get into both glutes, you can perform the move on each side, touching your right toes to the ground first. Then do the same with your left toes, and continue the motions for 60 seconds

4. Power Lunge

This exercise is like a regular lunge but with the extra umph needed to really feel the burn in the bum.

  • Start off standing up straight with feet together
  • Extend your left leg forward into a traditional lunge
  • Jump up and switch legs in midair so that you land with your right leg in front
  • Continue the motions while alternating legs for 60 seconds


Perform these exercises by themselves or in conjunction with your typical workout routine for that toned booty you’ve been looking for.

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