8 Reasons Why Group Fitness Helps You Reach Your Goals Faster

Thursday, June 30 2022 10:29 AM
By Ellen Healy

Lose Weight and Stay Strong with Group Exercise!

With all the daily group fitness classes offered at Genesis Health Clubs, it’s hard to know which one is right for you. Why choose group fitness at all, you ask?

Let's talk about the health benefits of group exercise and why it's a great way to find REAL RESULTS,  then discuss the various classes offered, so you can find the right ones for you and your needs. 

Group Fitness Health Benefits

Whether you’ve joined a health club for weight loss, sports training, or just improving your overall health, group fitness is a great way to start. Rather than trying to come up with your own exercise routine, you can choose the classes that fit your schedule, meet new friends with similar goals, learn good techniques, and get an effective workout.

Group Fitness Class Benefits

Want even more perks to group exercise? Read more health benefits below!

1. Driven by Music

Every group fitness class incorporates upbeat music because studies have shown that people work harder when exercising with music.

2. Stay Motivated

Exercising with a group can help you stay committed and meet your goals. Group fitness members are more successful because they workout more times per week on average and stick with their routines longer.

3. Consistency is Key

One of the best ways to meet your workout goals is to make exercise a part of your regular routine. Group exercise classes are held at different times on different days, so you can choose the ones that fit your schedule. In this way, working out becomes a positive, healthy habit.

4. Accountability

When life gets hectic, it can be tempting to skip a workout, but knowing your friends and instructor will notice you’re gone can be the push you need to get out the door anyway. During class, knowing other people are there working hard with you makes it easier to push through tough workouts.

5. Structured Workouts

Whether you’re new to working out or want to take your fitness to the next level, there’s no need to wander around the gym trying to decide what to do first. Group fitness instructors are trained to create effective workouts that will help you get the strengthening, toning, and stretching you need.

6. Learn Proper Form

Group fitness instructors are there to motivate you and encourage you, but they also help you develop the correct technique. Proper form can help you avoid injury and get the most benefit from your workout.

7. Challenge Yourself

There are a variety of fitness classes that make it easy to learn something new or push yourself to meet new goals. Whether you try boot camp, yoga, Pilates, cycle, water exercise, barre, or Zumba, mixing up your routine also boosts metabolism by creating muscle confusion. And, you’ll never get bored!

8. Fun Atmosphere | Sense of Community

Group fitness classes are a great way to get healthy and have fun doing it. The upbeat music helps make your workout seem easier, and you can get swept away by your instructor’s enthusiasm and the flow of the class. You’ll want to come back again and again, forming a sense of community with all the friends you make.

So, now that we know the health benefits of group exercise... Which class do you choose with so many options out there? 


Which Group Exercise class will help you reach your goals?

The simple answer is that all of our classes will help you see lasting results. Specially designed to target specific areas of the body, our classes led by our highly-trained instructors will lead you to success on your fitness journey.

What class is right for you?

Let’s break down some of our most common or unique group exercise classes offered, so you can find your new workout jam - one that best suits your needs and helps you reach fitness success.

All American Training

If you’re looking for a full-body workout that combines the best strength, endurance, and power training, look to All American Training to raise your heart rate and improve your stamina. During this one-hour class, you could burn up to 1000+ calories as you experience intervals rotated between row machines, treadmills, floor and dumbbell movements.

Group Active

Group Active

This 60-minute workout class builds total-body strength with motivating music and coaching from our expert instructors. Learn the moves that will help you succeed with Group Active.


This class is for everyone, all ages and skill levels. Help prevent injury and condition your body with this low-impact, core strengthening class. Read reasons why to try Pilates through the following blog:

Benefits of Pilates

Yogayoga class

Learn to breathe through the burn with this head-to-toe workout. Yoga can help you improve your balance, mobility, and flexibility. It can reduce your stress level and improve your mood... Winning! Yoga and Pilates are often classes that many confuse for one another. Learn about the health benefits and differences of pilates and yoga through the blog below: 

What's the Difference between Yoga and Pilates?

Group Fight

Blow off some steam with Group Fight! – a class where you can burn a whole bunch of calories while you let your anger out. This class incorporates the best moves from Mixed Martial Arts with killer music and expert instruction to lead you to a feeling of empowerment and pride.



Ready to dance your way into the best shape of your life? Try Zumba, where you’ll forget that you’re working out as you follow easy, step-by-step dance moves in this aerobic class.


Yet another full-body workout class, Barre, will help you increase strength in your core and legs while combining ballet-inspired postures with other elements of Pilates and Yoga.

Group Blast

Ready to work in some cardio? Improve your agility, coordination, and strength in Group Blast! This one-hour high-intensity course will get you goin’ with its exciting group energy and heart-pumping music.

Group Ride

Group Ride and Cycle

It’s leg day when you join a Group Ride class at Genesis. It’s a 60-minute cycling experience, where instructors lead you on the off-beaten path. Up the mountains and down the hills, ignite the fat-burning machine within you with this energetic and interval training cycle class. Want to learn the health benefits of cycling? Check out the blog below!

Reasons to Spin


Ready to find your new fitness obsession?

If you're a member of Genesis already, many if not all of these classes are offered at your home club or another club nearby.

If you're new to Genesis Health Clubs, come in for more info and an exclusive tour, and try out any one of the classes listed above for FREE. Redeem pass below!

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