How to Perform a Proper Bench Press

Wednesday, October 9 2019 8:29 AM

John, the Fitness Manager at the Genesis Health Clubs Tara Plaza location, walks through the form and technique to perform a bench press properly. Bench PressThe bench press is an upper body exercise that consists of pressing a weight upwards while your body is in a supine position. This exercise targets the pectoral muscles, or pecs, and triceps.

To start a bench press, sit on a bench with your feet on the ground shoulder width apart. Next, lie down back on the bench in order to achieve the supine position. Place your hands on the bar above you with your fingers on the rough grip area, then grasp the bar.  Squeeze your scapulas, or shoulder blades, together for proper form and targeting.

When you’re ready to lift off the weight to perform a bench press, lift and then extend your arms out straight. You want to row the weight down into your chest, but not enough that it causes pain. Next, press back up on the weight with shoulders forward. This completes the first rep of your bench press set. As always, have a spotter for added protection if you’re lifting heavy weights.

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