10 Gym Bag Essentials | Don't Forget #2!

Wednesday, October 27 2021 10:28 AM
By Genesis Genesis

gym bag essentials

Have you ever gotten to the gym and suddenly realized that you forget a hair tie? Or even worse, your sports bra or running shoes? You are not alone!

Let's talk about gym bag essentials and what you can pack now so you don't forget later. 

Pro Tip: Keep essentials in your bag and change out the items that need washing after use. Below are ten of the items we feel we can’t be caught without.

Top 10 Gym Bag Essentials 

1. Hair Ties

This one's a biggie. I’m still unsure of how people with lots of hair workout with it in their faces or sticking to their necks. Do yourself a favor and grab a handful of hair ties and keep a supply in your bag.

2. Gym Shoes

This seems so obvious, yet I’m sure we’ve all been there… Pack your gym shoes and make sure they're the right ones to suit your workout. Whether it's your running or heavy-lifting shoes, make sure to pack them!

3. Deodorant

Because you never know if you might have to make a stop after the gym.

4. Feminine Products

You just never know, ladies, do you? Pack 'em, and workout stress-free.

workout music and earbuds

5. Ear Buds and Music

Good music can be the difference in an average workout and one that pushes your limits! 

6. Lip Balm or Sunscreen

Nothing's worse than chapped lips and sunburn. If you're going to hit the outdoor pool, tracks, or tennis courts and Genesis, be prepared! And we're not talking about gloss. The regular old lip balm will do, thank you.

7. Sports Bra or Spandex

Because working out in your regular bra or underwear is more than uncomfortable.

8. Socks

Another one we have all been caught without. Middle of winter, or summer, and you wore long wool socks or no socks at all, only to get to the gym to realize your sock-less or have no low-cut gym socks!  Put a pair or two in your bag the night before and prevent any problems. Because let's face it, going without socks totally sucks.

9. Energy Bar

Ever leave the gym and you are so hungry you could eat your own arm off? Or get to the gym and feel like you can’t make it through your workout without a little boost? An energy bar will save the day. 

10. Water Bottle

Whether you’re in a class or working out solo, a water bottle will eliminate those trips to the water fountain. Allowing you to keep pushing yourself, fully hydrated.

genesis health clubs waiting at gym

What could we find in your gym bag that is a necessity? Share in the comments below!


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