Group Fitness Class Raises $1080 Worth of Gift Cards to Donate to Children in Need

Tuesday, January 5 2021 4:57 PM
By Ellen Healy

Let’s Reflect on Something Good From 2020, Shall We?

With 2020 long gone, and 2021 finally and happily upon us, it’s easy to look back and chalk up the year 2020 as a loss… Don’t!

Although we can probably all agree that there’s much negativity to remember, don’t forget all the good that came from the 2020 struggle… Newfound hope, a greater appreciation for health, for your friends and family, a more thoughtful, more proactive approach towards those in need, to name a few.

An example of 2020 goodness? Here’s one to warm your heart, which comes from our Genesis Ward Parkway location, where Group Fitness Instructor Kate Crocket and Genesis members helped raise $1,080 worth of gift cards for Jackson County CASA, an organization that provides support to abused and neglected children.

Picture taken prior to COVID-19

For the past 15 years, Kate Crockett has worked as a Group Fitness Instructor and All-American Training coach for our Genesis Ward Parkway location in Kansas City. In all that time, Kate has grown close with and very proud of the members who come in to break a sweat with her every morning at 5:30 AM.

“I have a very close-knit group that takes my classes,” said Kate. “We do fun group booze swaps and things like that for Thanksgiving classes and Christmas the last couple of years. I have seen them rally around each other and causes in the past including one of our members who was attacked a couple of years ago, and a lot of them took turns visiting him in the hospital.”

Validating the notion of a true “gym family,” it goes without saying that Kate and her 5:30 AM group can and will continue to ban together and support one another, during class and outside the club.

Last year, the group decided to use their camaraderie to benefit those less fortunate and collected goods for Operation Breakthrough, an organization that provides a safe environment to children living in poverty. The donation was highly successful and so Kate and her group decided to do it again this year, even though the outcome was assumingly less promising due to COVID.

Not knowing how much they could raise with smaller class sizes and fewer participants, Kate wanted to allow members the opportunity to think and act outside themselves.

“I decided we’d support Jackson County CASA because that’s where we’re located and because they are the court-appointed advocates for children experiencing abuse and neglect, which is sadly on the rise during this time where kids aren't in school and stuck at home with their abusers.”

Kate was surprised but not that surprised by the generosity that still came through admist a global pandemic. Together, the group raised $1,080 worth of store gift cards to donate, which will help so many children in Jackson County.

This amazing gift and act of generosity made possible by Genesis members helps continue to support Kate’s “why,” in why she comes to work every day and why she chooses to work for Genesis.

“It’s the members,” Kate said sincerely. “They are an incredible group of self-motivated people with a drive to show up at 5:30 am, with amazing ability and capacity to care for people in general and about one other… Hands down, without a doubt, it’s the members. They have become like a family.”

A prime example of generosity and the types of relationships that are formed at Genesis between staff and members, we are so proud and happy to share this story of 2020 goodness, to help keep you hopeful for 2021 and to keep you proud of your gym home Genesis Health Clubs.

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