Should I Join a Gym?

Friday, May 27 2016 11:45 AM
By Katlyn Hartford

7 Reasons to Join a Gym | Genesis Health Clubs

Let’s face it: shuffling along on the “dreadmill” in your basement and doing the same fitness DVDs in your living room over and over again just isn’t fun. Joining a gym would give you access to more equipment and classes, but is a membership right for you?

Here are seven reasons everyone should join a gym:

Join a Gym

1. Meet Workout Buddies

When you’re dedicated to living a healthy lifestyle, it can be tough to find like-minded people who will support you, let alone someone you can work out with. But at a gym, everyone is there to get fit and improve their health. Having someone to meet for a fitness class or go out for coffee with afterward is a great motivator, and makes every workout more fun.

2. Boost Your Energy and Mood

There’s no feeling like post-workout bliss! The endorphins your body produces during exercise create a positive feeling in your brain, and the sense of accomplishment you get from finishing a workout is a great confidence-booster. For people suffering from depression, regular exercise is proven to be an effective treatment.

3. Learn Something New

Want to try a new sport or skill? Most gyms offer personal training or lessons for things like strength training, swimming, tennis, and more. Some gyms even offer group training programs for bucket-list accomplishments like running a marathon.

4. Prolong Your Life

Studies have shown that exercise can lower your risk for certain types of diseases and even help you live longer. With all the classes and equipment available at your local gym, you’re sure to find exercises you love.

5. De-Stress and Relax

Feeling stressed after work? Stop by the gym on your way home. Even a short workout will make you feel better than that bag of potato chips waiting in your pantry. For even more relaxation, many gym memberships include free yoga classes for beginner through advanced levels.

6. Reach Your Goals

Whether you want to run a marathon, lose weight or get stronger, joining a gym gives you access to everything you need for success. Knowledgeable trainers and staff can show you how to use weights and equipment. Fitness classes take away the hassle of planning your own workouts. And, being able to exercise indoors means bad weather won’t stand in your way.

7. Improve Your Health

Joining a gym can help you stay motivated to exercise consistently. This is a great way to build muscle, lose weight, lower blood pressure, boost mental focus, and more. Over time, you can look better, feel better, and accomplish things you never thought possible!

With all these great benefits, the question isn’t IF you should join a gym, but WHEN. And you know what they say – there’s no better time than the present! The experts at Genesis Health Clubs are here to help you get back into the gym! Enjoy a 7-day free pass to your nearest Genesis Health Clubs location

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