How to keep kids entertained during your work out!

Monday, April 20 2020 10:34 AM
By Katlyn Hartford

Sometimes, it’s tough to get a good workout in when your kids are running around and need attention. Kids need to be entertained, you need your workout. What do you do? We’ve put together some ways to help keep your kids entertained and busy while you get your workout in for the day!


Babies and Toddlers (Ages 0-2)

Babies and Toddlers are hard. They need constant attention. You can’t leave them alone, while you go off and do your workout. So, what can we do with our kiddos under 2? You have a few options. 

  • Use your baby/toddler as weights: there are several safe ways to use your child as a weight during your workout. That’s an additional 8-40lbs of weights added to your workout! Plus, the bigger they get, the stronger you get! Win, win!
  • Place your baby in a safe contained area: You can use a Pack N’ Play or Playpen that you can safely place your baby in with some toys while you work out.
  • Baby Mat or Exersaucer: For babies who are NOT mobile, place your baby on a Baby Mat or in an Exersaucer. If they get bored and your workout isn’t quite over, don’t quit! Play peek-a-boo with them or face them and interact with them while you work out. You end up burning extra calories when you interact with your baby too – BONUS!

Preschool and Elementary School-Aged Kids (Ages 3-10)

Once your child is old enough to entertain themselves, you have several options to keep them entertained during your workout. However, sometimes they need a little encouragement and help to get started.

  1. Craft: Set up a craft table for them in the same room/area as your workout space. Give them a project to do that will keep them busy throughout your entire workout. If you need to pause and help, that’s ok. Your workout will still be there when they are set up again. The most important part is to finish! YOU GOT THIS!
  2. Let them workout with you: If your child shows interest in working out with you, that’s AWESOME! We encourage you to let them join you! Give them modifications or make a game out of it to keep their attention for the whole workout. If they lose interest, no worries, you’ve got that craft table ready to go!
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