Reasons Why Parents Enroll Kids in Summer Camp

Monday, March 8 2021 4:25 PM
By Ellen Healy

It’s almost that time… Summer is fast approaching and soon the kids will be out of school! Do you have a plan to keep your kids active and engaged this Summer? If not, don’t fret!

At Genesis Health Clubs, we offer Mighty Camp, which helps maximize the fun in sports and self-development activities designed for children ages 5-12 years. At Mighty Camp kids participate in STEAM activities, engage in character-building lessons and life skills, learn how to cook healthy meals, participate in swim, Yoga, and improve. So many activities are offered at Mighty Camp; meaning so many new hobbies for your kid to explore and enjoy!

camp counselor with children at summer camp

Why Enroll?

It may come as no surprise that these days children are spending more time, if not most of their time on their smartphones or tablets, in front of their computers or tv screens. Studies have shown that children 8-12 years in the United States now use screens for entertainment for about 5 hours a day, not including the screen time used for school work. How alarming is this report?

Helping your child unplug is arguably one of the best things you can do for them. How do you do this? One way is to enroll your child in summer camp, where they learn and expand their interests in the real world.

The importance of unplugging is just one reason why parents send their kids to camp. Read our top ten reasons to enroll your child in summer camp below.

Top 10 Reasons Why Great Parents Enroll Their Kids in Camp

1. Encourages Self-Development

At Camp, children learn about themselves which helps them establish confidence, independence, belonging, and self-worth. Excelling in a particular activity will make them feel accomplished. Making new friends will give them a sense of community. Discovering something new that they enjoy will help them realize just how fun learning can be. Camp helps children grow their minds, their understanding, and their self-esteem.

2. Gains Leadership and Team-Building Skills

Many times at camp, children will be elected as an activity leader or the team captain of a sport. When encouraged into these types of roles, shy children might push themselves to new levels, and children who’d rather not take initiative explore the benefits of leadership and what it offers. Along with developing leadership skills, children also participate in team-building which teaches them to share, to be a team player, and to encourage others to try and be their best.

3. Helps Them Make Friends

Naturally, when children are paired up together or see each other every day, they are likely to become friends. Making new friends and exploring new relationships outside of your family or close circle can help build social confidence, something a child can take with them into the new school year.

4. Keeps Them Active

At camp, kids learn to be kids again with so many activities offered. Your kids will be active but they won't dread it like some of us dread cardio. They’ll be active, but will be having too much fun to notice just how active they are.

5. Exposure to Diversity

Camp helps connect children from various backgrounds, interests, ethnicities, and more. When it comes to exposing children to diversity, it has been said that it is better to do so early on as it helps them realize that there’s a big world out there with plenty of people to be friends with or learn more from.

6. Learning Something New and Developing Interests

If your child favors video games over anything else, it’s time to expose them to new interests and activities. At camp, your child might find new-found passions they prefer over the screen.

7. Meet Positive Role Models

Camp can offer children new role models to look up to through the camp directors and leadership. These new role models can have a positive impact, as they help children learn how to be positive, how to be patient, how to listen, and how to be kind to others. Want to learn more about the Mighty Camp team? Meet the team here. 

8. Stay Unplugged

A hard habit to break that becomes a bit easier when no screens are allowed. At camp, kids who are seemingly addicted to their screens will be forced to let go as they are not allowed to use their screen safety nets, and are instead encouraged to participate in group activity or sport. With all that time away from the screens, children may discover just how much fun can be had away and outside.

9. Learn Independence

Children who are usually attached to Mom or Dad will find themselves having to take care of themselves at camp. Although camp is always supervised, children will learn how to make their own decisions, trust their intuitions, and learn how to be okay and how to have fun just doing your own thing.

10. Occupies Summer with Childhood Fun and Adventure

It’s true what they say, they really do grow up fast. Let your kids be kids at camp! Let your kids be silly, learn the hard way, learn about themselves and others. At camp, parents can continue going to work during the summertime knowing their kids are having a blast learning new things, making new friends, and developing positive traits they’ll use for life.


Ready for Summer Camp?

Don’t let your child sit on the couch and surf the web this summer! Let’s bring back the fun in climbing trees, playing tag, meeting new friends, and creating secret handshakes. Let’s help your child create fond memories, meet positive role models, unplug, and find new adventures.

Help your child by enrolling them in Mighty Camp, where they’ll continue to grow outside themselves and outside of the classroom.

What are you waiting for?

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