What’s Your Fitness Personality?

Tuesday, May 12 2020 11:20 AM
By Genesis Genesis

Your workout should be right for YOU

Personality type helps decide the type of work you enjoy, the people you spend time with, and the hobbies you a drawn to. An extroverted personality type may be drawn to team sports or social outings. On the converse, an introverted personality type might share dinner with a long-time friend or read a book in the corner of a coffee shop.

Studies Show...

In 2010 the American Journal of Preventive Medicine published results from a survey asking how participants spent their time over the last 24 hours. The results determined that only 5% of American adults do some type of rigorous activity on any given day. Instead, most participants identified both sedentary (eating and drinking) and moderate (working in the garden) physical activities.

What is different about the personalities of the 5% that chose to perform rigorous activity?


Chances are, working out is something that comes naturally to their personality type. Perhaps they enjoy socializing with others on the elliptical or the inner peace that comes from jogging around a lake.


The Exercise Program that best suits your personality

To be successful at maintaining a healthy lifestyle, you need to determine physical activities that are in alignment with your personality. Selecting a workout that is appropriate to your personality type may create the motivation you need to push your body to its peak.

Take the quiz!

Before beginning a new training routine determine your exercise personality using the 8 Colors of Fitness quiz. Much like how the Myers-Briggs determines what type of introvert or extrovert you are, the 8 Colors of Fitness identifies your preference for one-on-one training, group challenges, or high impact cardio.

The basic quiz is free and available online.

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