What Are the Best Low Calorie Alcoholic Drinks?

Friday, August 4 2017 11:29 AM

Several Beers Lined UpIt can sometimes feel as though it’s hard to have a social life while being conscious about what you’re consuming. Keep in mind that indulgence is the key to leading a balanced life, so it’s good to live a little every now and then as long as you don’t overdo it. Here are the best low calorie alcoholic drinks so you can enjoy your friends and family, relax and unwind.

Miller 64

Miller 64 has minimal calories compared to other beers. Coming in at, you guessed it, 64 calories per beer, it’s a great choice for those who enjoy beer without the calories.

Vodka Water With Lime

A vodka water with a splash of lime only contains 75 calories per drink. Simply fill the glass with ice, put in one ounce of vodka, then squeeze the juice of a lime wedge over the vodka. To finish, top it with cold water and stir to combine.


Champagne happens to be fairly forgiving in the calorie department. One standard flute, which is about four ounces, contains only around 90 calories.

Michelob ULTRA

Although this isn’t the lowest calorie beer out there, Michelob ULTRA is one that can easily be found at any liquor store with a moderate amount of calories. With 95 calories per beer, and only 2.6 carbs, you can safely enjoy a couple drinks and leave behind the guilt. In addition, Michelob ULTRA supports an active, social lifestyle and is proud to be a sponsor of athletic events across the country, ranging from running and cycling competitions to golf tournaments.

Rum and Diet Coke

If you’re craving a soda, grab a low calorie rum and Diet Coke. Calorie-wise, all you have to count is the ounce of rum which is just 96 calories.

Budweiser Select

Don’t be fooled by the dark gold tones of Budweiser Select. This lager is light, and the calories prove it. Coming in at 99 calories per beer with an alcohol content of 4.3 percent, it’s a great choice.

Gin and Tonic DrinkGin and Tonic

With tonic containing around ten calories per ounce, it's the perfect accompaniment to a top-shelf gin which contains up to 140 calories.

Old Fashioned

An old fashioned is a cocktail that has a splash of bitters to add flavor, a bit of sugar and, of course, bourbon. It comes in at around 154 calories per drink.

Amstel Light

Amstel Light only contains 95 calories per beer. With 35 percent fewer calories than the original, it’s a significant number, especially if you have more than one.

A Toned-Down Mojito

A sugarless mojito with extra lime can be a great alternative to one that’s packed with sugar. Expect around 150 calories per beverage.

Dirty Martini

Many bartenders serve martinis in larger glasses, so be aware that a four-ounce martini reaches around 220 calories.

Busch Light

Busch Light is as easy on the wallet as it is on the waistline. A longer brewing process cuts 38 calories from the original Busch, meaning it comes in at 95 calories per beer.


If you enjoy gin, go with a classic gimlet. This drink contains sweetened lime juice and gin—and that's it. To cut a few more calories, skip the sweetened juice and add simple syrup and fresh-squeezed lime instead.

Let us know in the comments what some of your favorite low calorie alcoholic drinks are!

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