Tips for Avoiding Holiday Over-Indulgence

Tuesday, October 27 2020 2:55 PM

The holidays are coming and we couldn't be more excited! Now, more than ever, quality time and happier conversations are much needed to get us through the last of 2020.
Along with all the laughter and cheer, the holidays bring ever-tempting sweet treats and giant portions. If you are trying your best to enjoy the season but also remain healthy and true to your fitness goals, here are some tips to help you avoid over-indulging this holiday season.

Ways to Avoid Holiday Over-Indulgence 

large holiday meal

1. Don’t arrive on an empty stomach!

Although you may be tempted to skip lunch so you can splurge on dessert, don’t! Have a bowl of cereal, vegetable sticks, fresh fruit, a salad, a handful of nuts, or a small sandwich before you arrive. Skipping breakfast or lunch may cause you to overeat and consume more calories than you would if you had eaten something beforehand. 

2. Offer to bring a healthy dish

This strategy not only provides you with a good menu option, but your host will greatly appreciate the help.

3. Avoid excess alcohol and snacks

Save your calories for the main meal. Alcohol provides many calories and virtually no nutrients. Also, try not to sit within arm’s reach of tempting snack foods.

4. Select small portions

Moderation is the key. Selecting small portions allows you to control your calorie intake yet enjoy all the different items offered. If you really crave a high-calorie item, go ahead and treat yourself to a small serving.

5. Eat slowly

Take time and enjoy the taste of your meal. Pace yourself and try to be the last person to finish each course. Take small bites, and chew slowly. It usually takes about 20 minutes for your brain to get the message from your stomach that you are full. By eating slowly, you might be less likely to raid the dessert table.

6. Leave the table when you are done!

If you linger at the table, you may be tempted to continue eating even if you are not hungry. Stay long enough to enjoy the meal, but leave the table while you are still ahead of the calorie game. Offer to help with dishes, clear the table, or take a walk. 
With all these tips to help you ride the stay-healthy-during-the-holiday "wave," we hope you'll be more confident this season continuing the path to reach optimal health.
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