Squats, Lunges, and Glutes - It's Leg Day!

Monday, April 26 2021 10:06 PM
By Katlyn Hartford

Medium to heavy weights or no weight at all. It's up to you! Don't have weights at home? Find items at home to use such as a gallon of milk or laundry detergent.

30 seconds each move 15-second rest – 1 minute per combo

1-minute rest between each set


Set 1

Squat (Option: Hold weights at shoulders)

Reverse Lunge - alternating (Option: Hold weights at sides)

Combo: Alternating Squat Lunge


Set 2

Side to Side Squat (Option: Hold weights at sides)

Side Lunge - alternating (Option: Hold weights at sides)

Combo: Alternating side to side squats and side lunge


Set 3

Glute Bridge (Option: Hold Weights at Hips)

Glute Walk Outs (Option: Hold weights at hips)

Combo: Glute Bridge to Glute Walk Outs


Repeat for 2 rounds total!


Bonus Round: 100 second squat/lunge challenge

20 secs squat hold

20 secs squat pulse

20 secs lunge hold (10 secs each side)

20 secs lung pulse (10 secs each side)

Alternating squat lunge


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