Arms, Back, and Shoulders

Wednesday, March 31 2021 10:03 PM
By Katlyn Hartford

  • Light to Medium Weight 

  • Slow: 4 counts down, four counts up

  • Quick: 2 counts down, 2 counts up

Use At-Home Objects like water bottles if you don't have weights available!



Set 1

Traditional Pushups: 4 slow, 8 quick

Tricep pushups: 4 slow, 8 quick

Combo: 2 traditional pushups, 2 tricep pushups – repeat 4 times


Set 2

Bicep Curl: 4 slow, 8 quick

Shoulder press: 4 slow, 8 quick

Combo: 2 bicep curl, 1 shoulder press – repeat 4 times


Set 3

Hammer Curl: 4 slow, 8 quick

Front Raise: 4 slow, 8 quick

Combo: 4 Hammer Curls, 4 Front Raises – repeat 4 times


Repeat for 2 Rounds!




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