Habits of Fit People

Tuesday, March 24 2020 4:03 PM
By Genesis Genesis

Do you ever get caught up comparing yourself to others (don’t we all at times?) or think, “What’s their secret?” You’re not alone! Social Media has made it such that we all wonder how they really do it! Don’t you fret, we’ve got some insider tips for you! Confession – there’s no secret or magic to it! With a few small changes, you too can live a fit and healthy life.


1. Plan dinners, snacks and lunches ahead of time

Meal planning, while tasking, is a great way to ensure that you stay on a healthy diet. If you spend a few hours one day a week (or split it up between a couple days to fit your busy schedule), you will be set up for success for the week. You’ll be able to measure out your macros and micros, make sure you’re eating enough calories, but not too much, and that you’re eating multiple small meals a day rather than eating 2-3 big unhealthy meals.



2. Eat a healthy breakfast

It’s important to start your day right. You should be eating within 30 minutes of waking up. If you meal prep (as suggested above) you will be able to grab your breakfast out of the fridge or freezer easy! See? Meal prepping does make it easier! Keep it simple and healthy. Two eggs and a piece of avocado toast is an easy breakfast. Overnight oatmeal with fruit is another good option.


3. Avoid skipping meals

Too busy to eat? Think again. You’re doing yourself more harm than good. Follow #1 and you can avoid this (and last-minute trips to the drive-thru). When you skip meals, your body tends to hold on to the last meal you ate and it slows your metabolism down. Once it’s down, it’s very hard to speed it back up.


4. Mix it up

As much as we hate to say, life can be pretty routine. Switch up your workouts and physical activities; yoga one day followed by a bike ride the next, lifting, and how about adding a kickboxing or barre class in the mix? Keep things fresh and fun! Check out our At-Home Workouts we’ve created for you!


5. Make exercise part of your routine schedule

Eliminate the binge-workouts (ex: two weeks before Spring Break, seems like a good idea to start getting in shape, right? Wrong…). Create a workout schedule that you can stick to. If you only have 15 mins on Monday, do a 15 min HIIT Core workout. If you did Legs on Tuesday, hit your upper body on Wednesday. Add in some cardio throughout your week as well. Don’t forget to get a good stretch or Yoga class in there either. Stretching is essential in recovery.



6. Live by the 90/10 rule

Basically, you can “cheat” 10% of the time – that big juicy burger has been calling, hasn’t it? But stick to your healthy routine 90% of the time. Instead of looking at it like a cheat day, just have a cheat meal. Will it be dessert this week or are you going to relax after a long work week with a cocktail? You choose, but make sure you only choose one or the other.


7. Have fun with fitness

Find fun and enjoyment with fitness! Do something that makes you happy. Do you enjoy taking a walk in your neighborhood? Up your cardio and add in some walking lunges on your walk. Want to involve your kids? Play a fun game of tag or hopscotch in the front yard. There are so many ways to making your workouts fun and enjoyable. Physical activities are a great stress reliever and staying fit doesn’t have to mean doing strenuous workouts everyday.


What about you? Do you have any secrets you swear by that keep you fit? Share with us in the comments below!

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